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The “Ekonom Taxi” is the best choice for those who are looking for a quality taxi service at a good price.

If you are a punctual and careful driver of a private car, you have an opportunity to get a stable income with us.

The “Ekonom Taxi” provides all kinds of transportations, including transferring and courier services.

Information for drivers
Information for drivers

Dear car owners!

If you have a driving license, some free time and, most importantly, a desire to get a steady job, a position of a taxi driver at the “Ekonom Taxi *91-11” company might be the one just for you!

You can get the job as a taxi driver if you have:

  • A car in a good technical order.
  • A device with the Internet access on the Android OS, IOS or Windows mobile OS.
  • Positive attitude and goodwill.

Advantages of being a taxi driver at *91-11 taxi:

  • Being a driver in the “Ekonom Taxi *91-11” company is convenient and prestigious.
  • You are guaranteed to always get professional technical help from our specialists.
  • We provide you all the information you need: standards, news, instructions for the set up and usage of the taxsee program.

Being a driver for the taxi *91-11 is prestigious and prosperous.

Nowadays it is popular and profitable to be a taxi driver in Baku. This kind of occupation could be a main or a part-time job. As a taxi driver, you improve your driving experience and sociability. We are always happy to have new purposeful, active workers join our friendly team.

If you are interested, get in touch with us at:

Ajami Nakhchivani str., 146, or call 077 271 91-11

Drivers reviews

Nowadays to work in taxi service as a driver is quite prestigious and popular. Moreover, the working in Econom taxi *91-11 allows to earn worthy.

Advantages of working as a driver at Econom taxi *91-11:

  • professional support of company specialists;
  • timely providing of all necessary data: standards, news etc.;
  • providing of instruction from studying and exploitation of the taxsee program.

How can I start to work in Econom taxi *91-11 as a driver?

It is very easy. The only thing you have to do is fill the form provided below, and we will call you back! The other way is to call in our office by the number of 077 271 91-11, or just come directly in Econom taxi *91-11 office, which is situated at Izmir str., 7А.

We are always glad to accept in our harmonious command the new active and result oriented members.

Econom taxi *91-11 service in Baku: short number – true work!

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