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The “Ekonom Taxi” is the best choice for those who are looking for a quality taxi service at a good price.

If you are a punctual and careful driver of a private car, you have an opportunity to get a stable income with us.

The “Ekonom Taxi” provides all kinds of transportations, including transferring and courier services.

Fees and services
Designated driver
Designated driver

Sometimes an unexpected dinner or a banquet you didn’t even plan to attend, can make you drive to the other side of the city. But what to do if there is no chance of leaving the car parked for a night? The “Designated driver” service by the “Ekonom Taki *91-11” is exactly what you need to get home safely and keep the people around you safe. All our drivers have solid driving experiences and high levels of stress tolerance; they are perfectly orientating themselves in the city and are good at driving cars of any brand. The “Designated driver” is your guarantee of a secure and convenient ride home in your own car.

Courier delivery
Courier delivery

The “Ekonom Taki *91-11” provides courier delivery services, which lets you use a taxi driver as your personal courier. Doesn’t matter, whether you need to deliver documents to your partners’ office, some forgotten belongings, or a bouquet to your loved one. Our driver will come at a given address to get your parcel and will deliver it to the recipient hand-to-hand, quickly and securely. Courier delivery is a convenient service with increasing popularity, which saves your personal time.

Airport and train station transfer
Airport and train station transfer

It is hard to overrate the significance of the booking service, when you need a transfer to the airport or to the train station. The taxi booking service saves your time and sets your mind at rest about transportation questions. If you have just arrived to Baku and need to get a taxi from the airport or the train station, the “Ekonom Taxi *91-11” service can ensure you a quick pick-up and a comfortable ride.
To book a taxi, dial *91-11 or arrange a pick-up online using the app.

Ekonom Taksi *91-11: any place at any time!

Looking for inexpensive taxi in Baku? Is there extremely necessary to be in time at important meting? Are you going to be late to airport or railway/bus station? Do you want get to the party or restaurant with the gloss and comfort? Bought a lot, so it is impossible to carry all in hands? Econom taxi *91-11 will come to the rescue and bring you in any point of Baku quickly, comfortable and at loyal price!

Our fees for taxi service:

  • Designated driver from two manat
  • Courier delivery from three manat
  • Airport and train station transfer and back from four manat.

There is no matter, if you are native inhabitant of Baku, or the guest of our metropolis, the best way to make a city trips is to call Econom taxi *91-11!

Econom taxi *91-11 advantages:

  • free call
  • opportunity to call the taxi car in 24/7 mode
  • pick-up time not more than 15 minutes
  • high-qualified drivers with great experience
  • clean and exploitable cars
  • you will know the cost of the trip immediately
  • taxi car delivery and first 10 minutes of waiting is pay free
  • discounts up to 10% at on line orders
  • additional service: meeting with the placard and celebration maintenance.

Econom taxi *91-11 is a smart choice!