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Forget about problems with transportation! With Taxi *91-11 every trip becomes easy and comfortable. Order an instant cab at any time of day through our convenient app.

Our vehicles are provided with everything you need for a comfortable and safe ride, and you can see them in all their glory in our gallery.

The “Ekonom Taxi” company was created for the comfort and convenience of the citizens and guests of the wonderful city of Baku.

Minimal fares

Taxi *91-11 cares about the comfort of its passengers, and therefore provides the high-quality service at the minimal possible fares. With the “Ekonom Taxi *91-11”, you don’t have to choose between paying a high price for a good quality ride or having an affordable cost while putting up with discomfort. With us, “cheap” does not mean “bad”!

Quick drive up

Running late? Order a taxi at the “Ekonom Taxi *91-11” and you would be surprised by how soon the car would come to pick you up. Time is irrevocable and priceless, thus a couple of hours or even minutes lost here and there might be crucial one day. At the “Ekonom Taxi *91-11” we value and respect your time, so with us you don’t have to worry about your plans being disturbed.

Free callback

With us, you don’t have to worry about your remaining mobile balance – just call *91-11 and we will call you back! You would order a taxi and reach your destination timely and conveniently. The operator would also inform you about the cost of the ride in advance.

Professional drivers

The “Ekonom Taxi *91-11” cares about your safety. All our drivers have a solid work experience, and sustainment of the perfect technical order of our cars is an essential part of our company’s policy.

Taxi booking and VIP transportations

We all know how bustling the household gets on the eve of a long-distance trip or a family holiday. Book a taxi to the airport and back at the “Ekonom Taxi *91-11” and put your mind at ease about transfer questions. Planning a wedding or a birthday party? See if you might also have a use for the “Ekonom Taxi *91-11”! We provide servicing at weddings and corporations’ events, offer courier services and vehicles for VIP-passengers.

WiFi in the VIP class cars

Sometimes it is critically necessary to be reachable for all over the time. “Ekonom Taxi *91-11” provides an unique service – high speed WiFi connection in the VIP class cars. Now you city trips become even more comfortable, because from the first to very last minute of your trip you will be in touch!

Your Trip - Our Priority
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Taxi *91-11  is your best companion in the world of urban mobility! Order a cab with just a few taps and immerse yourself in a comfortable journey. Our app provides instant orders, transparent fares and safe rides. Enjoy a unique mobility experience with Taxi *91-11 - your reliable partner in urban life!


Our vehicles are provided with everything you need for a comfortable and safe ride, and you can see them in all their glory in our gallery.

Conditions for drivers

Dear car owners!
If you have a driving license, some free time and, most importantly, a desire to get a steady job, a position of a taxi driver at the “Ekonom  Taxi *91-11 ” company might be the one just for you!

You can get the job as a taxi driver if you have:

  • A car in a good technical order.
  • A device with the Internet access on the Android OS, IOS or Windows mobile OS.
  • Positive attitude and goodwill.

Advantages of being a taxi driver at *91-11 taxi:

  • Being a driver in the “Ekonom Taxi *91-11” company is convenient and prestigious.
  • You are guaranteed to always get professional technical help from our specialists.
  • We provide you all the information you need: standards, news, instructions for the set up and usage of the taxsee program.
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“Ekonom Taxi *91-11” service is a reliable and convenient way to get around Baku at reasonable prices.

We appreciate you using our service. Every day we are working diligently to improve the “Ekonom Taxi *91-11”. Our major goal is having each of our new clients become our regular, thus we do our best to maintain the quality of our service high and our prices affordable.

Call *91-11 to get an excellent taxi service in Baku at a reasonable price. We value our reputation and the opinion about us of our regular guests, just as well as new ones. With our help, you will be able to quickly, comfortably and inexpensively get around Baku. Other advantages of using our service are:

  • You can get a taxi to any part of Baku at any time of a day.
  • Our car will pick you up in less than 15 minutes.
  • All our drivers are professionals with good experience of driving clean, good-order cars.
  • All citizens and tourists can afford our service.
  • You will know the cost of the ride before even getting in the car.
  • You don’t have to pay for the taxi coming up to pick you up and waiting for you (for the first 10 minutes).
  • With an on-line taxi reservation you will get a 10% discount.
  • “Ekonom Taxi *91-11” company also offers other services such as meeting you with a sign written your name, and event servicing.

Call *91-11, arrange a pickup at the airport, railway station or at any other location in Baku and be sure that our taxi is already heading for you. We will make your trip comfortable and will get you to your destination in time. Our taxi driver will select an optimal route to quickly get you to your destination and make the cost of the trip minimal.

When you call our taxi service at *91-11, our polite dispatchers will specify the details of your trip, reserve a ride and tell you its cost.

You can get a *91-11 taxi at any area of Baku. The trip with “Ekonom Taxi *91-11” would make a pleasant impression on you and would make you want to use our service again and again. Travel with us to make you trip quick, comfortable and frugal.

Have a nice trip! Yours faithfully, the “Ekonom Taxi *91-11” team.


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