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The “Ekonom Taxi” is the best choice for those who are looking for a quality taxi service at a good price.

If you are a punctual and careful driver of a private car, you have an opportunity to get a stable income with us.

The “Ekonom Taxi” provides all kinds of transportations, including transferring and courier services.

Clients reviews


I loved this taxi service! Our car arrived almost immediately after we ordered a pickup, and right away we received an SMS with a number from its number plate. The ride was comfortable and quick. Big thanks to the operators for being very nice and professional at the same time.


I was pleasantly surprised with the taxicab that came to pick me up – spotless and fresh, without tobacco smell (important for me as a non-smoker). I also appreciated that the air-conditioner was working. Such a simple, but significant thing made a hot day way more endurable.


I used this taxi service when I really needed a ride to bring my cat home after surgery. When the driver realized, that we are returning from veterinary clinic, he showed sincere understanding and treated us extremely nice. He even offered to close the window, so the cat won’t get cold, in spite of her sitting in a bag carrier and surely not being cold (plus, come on, she is just a cat! :)) Overall, my impression of the service was great! A kind, thoughtful driver, a clean car, what can be better?


I have booked a taxi in advance to get to the airport in time for the early morning flight. The car came just in time and the ride was quick. That is all I can say, since for me it was all about timing that morning. Good and effective service.


I, personally, really enjoyed how carefully and smoot the taxis are driven. For me, that’s the crucial criterion and the “Ekonom Taxi” was the first taxi service I had no complaints about driving to.

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