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The “Ekonom Taxi” is the best choice for those who are looking for a quality taxi service at a good price.

If you are a punctual and careful driver of a private car, you have an opportunity to get a stable income with us.

The “Ekonom Taxi” provides all kinds of transportations, including transferring and courier services.

Drivers reviews


I’ve being working at the “Ekonom Taxi” for almost half a year now and I can genuinely recommend this service to everybody looking for a job as a taxi driver. Staff is very kind and attentive, managers are always ready to meet somebody halfway, and the understanding within drivers and operators is just perfect.


I have took up this job not long ago, but so far I have only the best impressions from it. Organizational and technical support is readily provide, without any kind of problems; all the questions about the installment of the drivers’ app are answered with detailed explanations. The employee reward system is transparent and easy to understand.


When applying for this job, I honestly couldn’t even dream about that kind of work environment they’ve got here, at the “Ekonom Taxi”. The managers treat the staff as if they all were parts of one big family. Coworkers really care about each other and the managers treat the employees with sincere understanding.


I’ve worked at several taxi services before, but, considering the work organization and technical support at the “Ekonom Taxi”, I can definitely say that this one is the best so far. It’s a pleasure to work here and you can actually benefit from it.


At first, it might seem that job selection criteria at this service is set too high, but when you actually get to work here, it becomes clear that managers are just as demanding towards themselves as they are towards the staff. All the announced working conditions are provided. As soon as drivers ask for technical or informational support, they receive quick and distinct explanations.

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