About company

The “Ekonom Taxi” company was created for the comfort and convenience of the citizens and guests of the wonderful city of Baku.

Whether you’ve just arrived to Baku and it is your first time in the city or you urgently need to get to the airport, whether you are trying to get back home with heavy grocery bags or after a late-night party – we will be there for you. No matter what, we will always get you to your destination quickly, safe and sound. The only thing you have to do, is call up *91-11 and enjoy your trip.

Our operators are on standby 24/7 and always ready to help you. You can ask for an immediate pickup as well as reserve a car 2 or 3 days in advance. At the appointed hour, the car would be waiting for you to bring you to your destination on time and with no overpayment.

Inexpensive taxi in Baku

The “Ekonom Taxi *91-11” provides the high-quality service at reasonable prices. On our website you can find recommendations from our regular clients. Modern Baku is a megalopolis, so enormous distances between places might make you worry about the cost of the trip. However, for those who travel with the “Ekonom Taxi *91-11” this is not a problem.

You are still not assured? Then check out our rates and fares and you will be pleasantly surprised:

  • From 0 km to 4 km – 2.60 manats (AZN)
    • From 5 km to 16 km – 50 qr/km (0.50 AZN/km)
    • From 16 km to 25 km – 40 qr /km (0.40 AZN/km)
    • From 25 km – 20 qr /km (0.20 AZN/km)

The “Ekonom Taxi *91-11” is not only economical, but also secure

Our drivers are professionals perfectly orientating themselves in the Baku traffic. It is well-known that traffic jams are the major problem of the megalopolises, such as Baku. Get a taxi at *91-11 and never mind those inconveniences. We complete our cars with modern GPS navigation devices, so our drivers are the first to learn about roadworks, traffic jams and car crashes on their way.

You trust us with your lives and the lives of your friends and relatives, thus we have many important requirements to our vehicle fleet. Our cars undergo vehicle inspections regularly and in time. All of them have licenses. Also all our vehicles are foreign-made and less than 7 years old. A trip around the city with the “Ekonom Taxi *91-11” is guaranteed to be a safe one.

If you have any questions regarding our service, rates and fares or any additional services, you can contact our administrators.

Online taxi reservation in Baku

Modern life rhythm sets conditions of its own, and one of those is the speed. Online taxi reservation in Baku is a great alternative to a booking made on the phone. You don’t have to waste money to make a phone call or waste your time waiting for a free dispatcher and dictating the details. You can do it in your own rhythm, by calmly filling the online taxi order. This way you would still immediately get to know the cost of the trip.

The process of reserving a taxi is very easy. Just as you start printing in the address, program automatically puts the name of the right street in (you should have Location Services enabled on your smartphone.


How to enable Location Services on devices with Android OS:

Open the Settings menu. In the Personal section find and open the Location services. Switch it to ON.

How to enable Location Services on devices with IOS:

Open the Settings menu. Find and open the Privacy segment. Select the Location services. Switch it to ON.

Additional services in the *91-11 taxi in Baku

The “Ekonom Taxi *91-11” is your dedicated friend. From day to day we work hard to improve the quality of our company; we study the market and your recommendations to keep our offers up-to-date and our services convenient and reasonably-priced.

Some of the special offers we have are:

  • Servicing at weddings, corporations’ events, etc.
  • Transferring and Courier Services.
  • Vehicles for VIP-passengers.

Thank you for choosing the “Ekonom Taxi *91-11”company!



Our vehicles are provided with everything you need for a comfortable and safe ride, and you can see them in all their glory in our gallery.

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