Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Mobile application “Economtaksi” (hereinafter “application”) provides simple and convenient way for automatic taxi booking from smartphones and tablets (hereinafter “devices”) running iOS and Android platforms. This document clarifies the amount of information to be collected from the user’s device, the purposes of that information to be collected and the circle of the receivers of that information.

What and Why?

User’s phone number.

Purposes: To confirm user’s contact information for the subsequent calls and SMS communication. To authorize user and identify his/her rights and opportunities while using the service (e.g., discounts, available personal accounts).

Note: The entered phone number does not necessarily has to be of the device you are using the application on. The full functionality of the application can be enjoyed even when it is used on devices without SIM card, as long as the user logs in with a phone number he/she knows or can get an SMS with a confirmation code on. User’s phone number is not given to any third parties, except the times when successful order execution is impossible without direct communication between driver and user.

Supposed physical location of the device.

Purposes: Improvement of the address autocomplete through suggestion of the addresses around device’s physical location.

Note: Information about the supposed physical location of the device is determined by collection of data about the base stations of mobile communication and WiFi access points nearby, or through data, obtained by GPS-receiver. At any moment, user can stop sharing device’s physical location data with the service by customizing the appropriate parameter in the application or in the device’s settings. Information about the supposed physical location of the device is not retained.

Device identifier.

Purposes: Internal accounting of the application’s users.

Note: Non-personal device identifier is provided by the device itself or is calculated by the application, using various unique datum of the device. Device identifier does not comprise any user’s personal data and remains the same for specific device, irrespectively of its location, parameters or user’s identity. Device identifier is not shared with third parties.

Orders made using the application.

Purposes: To provide the taxi ordering service. To improve the address autocomplete through suggestion of the addresses that were used in previous orders.

Note: All the addresses that were mentioned during previous months in user’s orders have a higher priority to be suggested by the address autocomplete. Nevertheless, with that information, provided by the application, it is impossible to identify the dates and exact routes of the previous trips of the user, which guarantees complete protection of personal data.